Thursday, May 14, 2009

Marty's Full Name

I have decided that Marty's full name is not Martha. She dislikes being called Martha because that is what everyone assumes, and Martha hates assumptions. Her name is in fact Martina. She was named for St. Martin, who gave his cloak to a beggar without even thinking about it. The beggar then turned out to be Jesus, and hit St. Martin with the holiness. I don't think her parents are Catholic, they just liked the story.

The only thing she dislikes being called more than Martha is Tina.
I've become very interested in creating some Lolita, if anything so I actually develop some style. It actually seems like something I could do, and doesn't seem so expensive if you watch the internet and make your own stuff. I have lots of nice fabric, now I just need to go out and buy tons of lace. My biggest hurdle seems to be that most of the American Lolita community seems to revolve around LJ, a system I don't really like. Yeah, you can use your blogger account to reply to people but you actually can't post to a community. I have an LJ account but it has a seriously ancient handle I don't want to use. I probably need to start a new one so all of Marty's bases are covered. She is a Social Networking Experiment after all. I need to pick a handle for her. I'm starting to think she is a huge Jules Verne/Scientific Romance fan.