Thursday, May 14, 2009

Marty's Full Name

I have decided that Marty's full name is not Martha. She dislikes being called Martha because that is what everyone assumes, and Martha hates assumptions. Her name is in fact Martina. She was named for St. Martin, who gave his cloak to a beggar without even thinking about it. The beggar then turned out to be Jesus, and hit St. Martin with the holiness. I don't think her parents are Catholic, they just liked the story.

The only thing she dislikes being called more than Martha is Tina.
I've become very interested in creating some Lolita, if anything so I actually develop some style. It actually seems like something I could do, and doesn't seem so expensive if you watch the internet and make your own stuff. I have lots of nice fabric, now I just need to go out and buy tons of lace. My biggest hurdle seems to be that most of the American Lolita community seems to revolve around LJ, a system I don't really like. Yeah, you can use your blogger account to reply to people but you actually can't post to a community. I have an LJ account but it has a seriously ancient handle I don't want to use. I probably need to start a new one so all of Marty's bases are covered. She is a Social Networking Experiment after all. I need to pick a handle for her. I'm starting to think she is a huge Jules Verne/Scientific Romance fan.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The MMOS Project

So I have this idea for an MMOS, a massively Multiplayer Online Story. Essentially, it is a collaborative choose your own adventure story, similar to the Save Hazel campaign or the interactive TV Shows on Take180. However, this would be a text game via Twitter. I would begin by Twittering in character, then my followers would have to give me advice and info to help me get out of a dangerous situation. Currently i am working on researching wild west train robberies, museum archiving and frontier towns to flesh out the story. I hope to have the story completed by mid-May, then have the game started and completed by the end of May. I think I need to have a set start time, my main character needs a twitter of her own, an in-universe website for reference, and then a large "hidden" cache of info. This will be a lot of work, but I think it will be worth it.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Le Sigh....

I'm better at following blogs than writing them. Oh well. I'm sure I'll come up with something eventually

Monday, April 28, 2008


I don't really have a handle on this blogging thing. The whole pour your heart out to a blank text box does not come easily to me. But trying is good. Must try harder....

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Oh, the irony...

I found myself bonding with the woman I hate at work today. We found an issue we agree on. We don't think the owner's run the business very well, and both want to find new jobs soon. I don't want to get onto what I think the boss does wrong, because that's beside the point. The owner is a successful businesswoman, I'm a college... not drop out but I took a step down from a BA to an AAS, I cannot tell her what I think is wrong. My point is I should always try and find some common ground even with the people I despise. I need to remind myself of this. Even though she complains, is more than slightly racist, and I think she abuses her dog,I need to focus on things we have in common-- the fact that my boss' business plan needs an update, and we wish we had a way to tell her this, because we both genuinely want to help her because we admire her.

This is one of the things I have to train myself to do. I try and see the best of people no matter how much I am inclined to dislike them, otherwise I'm a bit pessimistic and bitter at the rest of the world and humanity in general. OK, a lot pessimistic.

I'm one of those people who, in the past, didn't really like themselves. Instead of doing what all my high school counselors told me to do-- just love myself and deal with the little things I don't really like. I didn't do that. I was a whiny, self-absorbed dingbat in high school. I really hated myself so I've forced myself to change, and I like myself a lot better now.

A person can change. They have to want to. I need to force myself to see the good in people most of the time and I'm proud of my somewhat 90% success rate doing this. This makes me a much more happy optimistic person. I'm only 40% successful at standing up for my personal beliefs when they're challenged by someone I want to impress, but I think I'm improving.

Still, she's a real challenge to see the good in. I'll have to chant "She's leaving in a couple weeks, she's leaving in a couple weeks" She's older and can find a job faster. She's also way better at sucking up than I am.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

A blog is supposed to have a mission statement...

I'm here to complain. To complain how much I suck at life. I'm not kiddin; I really am failling at everything. The problem is I hate complaining to people, so I'll just complain here and you only have to listen to me if you want to.

The reason why this is named "Flying over a Nuclear Cooling Tower" is a story my Mom told me. When she was having a flying lesson in a little single engine plane, she spotted a nuclear cooling tower and said "Hey, lets fly over it!" Well her plane was nearly flipped over from the heat of the updraft. This blog is named after an epicly bad idea. My lif is a string of very, very bad ideas. I just need an outlet to bitch where I can't in public. I hate people like that.

I work with a woman like that. Within the first fifteen minutes she started there, the first fifteen minutes I met her I knew she was abysmally broke, her boyfriend was in prison, and her car was breaking down. Plus she's one of those people who can't be outcomplained. I mention I wish I could afford to get some more work clothes 'cause I hated wearing the same things every couple days. She began to go on at length about she only had two skirts and a dress, and a pair of heels every single day (we work on our feet.) I ended up talking her into going to DSW and talked her into buying a pair of shoes. Plus she could take me in her (Quite functional and newish) car to my bus stop a mile away next to the DSW. I want to shout at her, "You have a car, you don't have to live with your parents, you can dump your boyfriend [although I suspect she's financially dependant on him, who lets themselves get that way after 8 months??] so will you just shut up!"

You know I really liked my job until she started working there. The commute was long and I'm not making that much money, but it's an enjoyable job and good while I'm going to school. I very rarely truly hate a person, at best the most i can manage is a mild dislike. I always manage to see the good in people, I hope. But this woman drives me nuts! She's managed to completely ruin a good job for me. THis is a new blog, so it has no readers, but if someone by chance takes a look at this, does anyone else have a single individual who just ruined an entire job for you?