Thursday, May 14, 2009

I've become very interested in creating some Lolita, if anything so I actually develop some style. It actually seems like something I could do, and doesn't seem so expensive if you watch the internet and make your own stuff. I have lots of nice fabric, now I just need to go out and buy tons of lace. My biggest hurdle seems to be that most of the American Lolita community seems to revolve around LJ, a system I don't really like. Yeah, you can use your blogger account to reply to people but you actually can't post to a community. I have an LJ account but it has a seriously ancient handle I don't want to use. I probably need to start a new one so all of Marty's bases are covered. She is a Social Networking Experiment after all. I need to pick a handle for her. I'm starting to think she is a huge Jules Verne/Scientific Romance fan.

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