Thursday, June 21, 2007

A blog is supposed to have a mission statement...

I'm here to complain. To complain how much I suck at life. I'm not kiddin; I really am failling at everything. The problem is I hate complaining to people, so I'll just complain here and you only have to listen to me if you want to.

The reason why this is named "Flying over a Nuclear Cooling Tower" is a story my Mom told me. When she was having a flying lesson in a little single engine plane, she spotted a nuclear cooling tower and said "Hey, lets fly over it!" Well her plane was nearly flipped over from the heat of the updraft. This blog is named after an epicly bad idea. My lif is a string of very, very bad ideas. I just need an outlet to bitch where I can't in public. I hate people like that.

I work with a woman like that. Within the first fifteen minutes she started there, the first fifteen minutes I met her I knew she was abysmally broke, her boyfriend was in prison, and her car was breaking down. Plus she's one of those people who can't be outcomplained. I mention I wish I could afford to get some more work clothes 'cause I hated wearing the same things every couple days. She began to go on at length about she only had two skirts and a dress, and a pair of heels every single day (we work on our feet.) I ended up talking her into going to DSW and talked her into buying a pair of shoes. Plus she could take me in her (Quite functional and newish) car to my bus stop a mile away next to the DSW. I want to shout at her, "You have a car, you don't have to live with your parents, you can dump your boyfriend [although I suspect she's financially dependant on him, who lets themselves get that way after 8 months??] so will you just shut up!"

You know I really liked my job until she started working there. The commute was long and I'm not making that much money, but it's an enjoyable job and good while I'm going to school. I very rarely truly hate a person, at best the most i can manage is a mild dislike. I always manage to see the good in people, I hope. But this woman drives me nuts! She's managed to completely ruin a good job for me. THis is a new blog, so it has no readers, but if someone by chance takes a look at this, does anyone else have a single individual who just ruined an entire job for you?

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