Saturday, June 23, 2007

Oh, the irony...

I found myself bonding with the woman I hate at work today. We found an issue we agree on. We don't think the owner's run the business very well, and both want to find new jobs soon. I don't want to get onto what I think the boss does wrong, because that's beside the point. The owner is a successful businesswoman, I'm a college... not drop out but I took a step down from a BA to an AAS, I cannot tell her what I think is wrong. My point is I should always try and find some common ground even with the people I despise. I need to remind myself of this. Even though she complains, is more than slightly racist, and I think she abuses her dog,I need to focus on things we have in common-- the fact that my boss' business plan needs an update, and we wish we had a way to tell her this, because we both genuinely want to help her because we admire her.

This is one of the things I have to train myself to do. I try and see the best of people no matter how much I am inclined to dislike them, otherwise I'm a bit pessimistic and bitter at the rest of the world and humanity in general. OK, a lot pessimistic.

I'm one of those people who, in the past, didn't really like themselves. Instead of doing what all my high school counselors told me to do-- just love myself and deal with the little things I don't really like. I didn't do that. I was a whiny, self-absorbed dingbat in high school. I really hated myself so I've forced myself to change, and I like myself a lot better now.

A person can change. They have to want to. I need to force myself to see the good in people most of the time and I'm proud of my somewhat 90% success rate doing this. This makes me a much more happy optimistic person. I'm only 40% successful at standing up for my personal beliefs when they're challenged by someone I want to impress, but I think I'm improving.

Still, she's a real challenge to see the good in. I'll have to chant "She's leaving in a couple weeks, she's leaving in a couple weeks" She's older and can find a job faster. She's also way better at sucking up than I am.

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